At the moment we are performing:
– Video-otoscopy: endoscopy and flushing of ears. Is recommended in chronic ear infections, when home-care isn’t effective for clearing the otitis, or e.g. if foreign bodies or polyps are suspected.
– Rhinoscopy: endoscopy of nasal cavity. Symptoms might be sneezing, secretion from nostrils and/or rubbing of nose. In conjunction with the procedure coagulation factors and x-rays of nasal conchae are taken, and if needed biopsies are taken and sent for pathology.
– Gastroscopy: endoscopy of gastrointestinal tract. Recommended e.g. in chronic stomach/intestinal problems or foreign bodies that can sometimes be retrieved without need for surgery.
– Cystoscopy: endoscopy of bladder and urethra, only female dogs (rigid endoscope). For example when suspecting tumors or ectopic ureters.
 – Bronchoscopy: endoscopy of airways. Often performed in chronic cases of cough and other respiratory disease. BAL (bronchoalveolar lavage) can be performed for taking samples for bacterial cultivation.
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