Eläinklinikka Saari cooperates with Nordic Wildlife Care. Our volunteer work with the organization is done without charge. The wild animals in need of care are brought to the clinic for diagnosis and treatment, after which they are moved to the Nordic Wildlife Care for rehabilitation. The goal for the treatment is to be able to release the animals back to nature. In some rare cases, when that is not possible, the animal will stay in captivity in the premises of Nordic Wildlife Care centre.


Working with wildlife presents many new challenges. Most of the animals we see are in critical condition. In most cases they may have spent multiple days without food or water, and they are very stressed. Extra caution is needed in the treatment of wild animals, since they often try to attack the handler or vet. However, the joy of every successful release gives us the motivation to continue with our work.


Without the support of our customers we would not be able to do this important work. This is our way to give back to society and to the beautiful nature around us.


Want to help more? You can give a donation directly to the Nordic Wildlife Care: https://www.facebook.com/villielainhoitola/


Did you find an injured wild animal? Contact the Nordic Wildlife Care or bring the animal in to the clinic.

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