Orthopedic examinations are most commonly performed at the clinic due to limping or musculoskeletal pain. Also official X-ray examinations of the Kennel Club are done.


Official examinations:

  • Official knee joint examinations
  • Official X-ray examinations of the Kennel Club (hips, elbows, back)


Cranial cruciate ligament ruptures:

  • At the moment, we are doing cranial cruciate ligament surgeries of cats and small/medium sized dogs using the lateral-suture method.
  • Before surgery, a thourough examination should be done to evaluate the need for surgery and if necessary also x-rays taken.
  • For large dogs we recommend different methods of repair and, if necessary, we guide you to the clinics where these surgeries are done.



  • Leg, toe and tail amputations, for example, due to fractures or malignant tumors.


Femoral head ostectomy:

  • The head and neck of the femur can be removed due to, for example, chronic luxation of the hip or degeneration of the femoral head and neck (Legg-Perthes disease).
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