Sterilization is a common procedure for both dogs and cats. By sterilization, it is possible to avoid hormonal diseases such as mammary gland tumors or uterine infections. An appropriate time for sterilization is between two estrus cycles, during anestrus. We do not recommend sterilization when the dog/cat is in heat, nor during false pregnancy.


Sterilization of a female dog:

  • In our clinic, the bitch is sterilized in general anesthesia. The procedure is done using inhalation anesthesia and intravenous fluids. The dog is given a good pain relief.


Sterilization of a female cat:

  • Sterilization of a female cat is done under general anesthesia. The cat receives intravenous fluids and good pain relief during the procedure.


Sterilization of female rabbit:

  • Sterilization of the female rabbit is done under general anesthesia. The rabbit gets intravascular fluids, and good pain relief.
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