Wellness and rehabilitation

Wellness and rehabilitation is an important way to increase function and mobility and joints and muscles.

The most common reasons for rehabilitation are different kinds of decreased mobility, pain after trauma and rehabilitation after surgery.

The typical patient can have for example cranial cruciate ligament injuries, hip or elbow dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease or arthrosis. Also a reason to visit can be to check the dog before hunting season/ competition season starts.


You can now book appointments for Sofie Svenns, a veterinarian who has further education in wellness and rehabilitation of cats and dogs.


She has the following educations:


Certified Canineopat®

Certified Wellness consultant for dogs

Dipl. massage therapist and personal trainer (PT) for dogs


She offers the following services:


Gait analysis and palpation

Deep massage


Training tips and programmes



To book an appointment, contact the clinic.

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