Eläinklinikka Saari is awarded internationally-recognised Cat Friendly Clinic status!

Eläinklinikka Saari has achieved accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC). The CFC-programme aims to promote well-being and high standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary clinic. 

Under the programme, the clinic has to prove rigorous adherence to a set of criteria which includes special facilities for cats and continuous education of staff. 

The criteria includes having separate dog and cat waiting areas, feline-friendly hospitalisation cages and equipment specifically for treating cats. In our clinic we have a separate waiting room for cats, and a exam room for cats as well as a separate cat hospitalisation ward. The most important criteria is that our staff handles cats gently and with respect. Our staff are also updating their knowledge by attending continuous professional education. 

Cat advocates in our clinic are veterinarian Pamela Kvarngård and veterinary nurse Sini Salmela, so for any questions feel free to ask us about the programme or other cat-related questions. 

Local newspaper Vasabladet came to visit our Cat Friendly Clinic 27.3.2020: https://www.vasabladet.fi/Artikel/Visa/359711

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